Here I am in Nashville at a movie shoot—really!  I’ve been rubbing elbows with Terry Kiser of Weekend with Bernie fame. And although he made a great dead man, he’s much more impressive alive. He’s the star in The Body Sculptor. Today I watched him skillfully sew up a wounded Al Snow in a Mexican hospital while some angry guards and a big scary thug looked on! What’s more, tonight I get to have dinner with both of them (just to brag a little)…

What  I loved best about today was seeing firsthand just how this industry works. Anyone know what an armorer is?  Well I do. And now I intimately know what that long list of people at the end of a movie does. I got a real appreciation for their roles and also for pre-production—all the logistics and details that happen before you even get close to shooting. Terry (notice first name basis) explained to me that Hitler actually sent his spies to learn from Barnum and Bailey’s pre-production process—that’s how intricate it is.

It got me thinking about pre-production in general. As an analytical type—I love pre-production because I love to plan, organize and figure out what makes things tick. How do you plan ahead to make the road as clear as possible for any rough spots up ahead? What’s the process to clear out the roadblocks before you even know they’re there?

And then it hit me. That’s what I’m doing here in Nashville. The director and producer of The Body Sculptor is Joe Thomas, the same guy who is handling the marketing and production of The Money Dynamic, my new program. We’re fine-tuning it to try to make it clearer and more marketable—Joe’s been saying he can’t get his arms around what it really is. Now I see it’s about money pre-production.  It helps you get your ducks in a row before you even try to solve your money problems. It helps clear the way for solid, well thought out thinking so you can make money decisions that work for you, instead of the ones that give you grief. It’s all about smoothing out the rough spots and eliminating the roadblocks. That’s where real money management comes into being.

Get ready for season two of Joe’s web series, Johnny Dynamo, you don’t want to miss it.  Hmmmm, I wonder what money connection that has?

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