It’s not about what you do with your money, it’s WHY you do it!

In an odd and unusual turn of events, an accountant, a therapist and a TV producer created a program that combines dollars and sense, money psychology and entertainment. Recently released, The Money Dynamic is worlds apart from Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman’s programs of blame & shame and gloom & doom. CPA Jane Honeck, psychotherapist Spencer Melnick and Joe Thomas of LBD Productions combined their expertise to deal with the root cause of money problems–not just the symptoms–and they do it in an easily accessible and entertaining way.

Face it, traditional money programs are dry, impenetrable and don’t get to the root of the problem. The root of the problem isn’t WHAT you do with your money, it’s WHY you do it! You’re unbalanced and that makes you unhealthy. That’s it. You’re not irresponsible or stupid, you simply have an unbalanced approach to decision-making – and that keeps you running the hamster wheel, making real change difficult and impossible to maintain.

The free, Money Dynamic self-assessment shows you where you’re off-balance and unhealthy. It introduces you to the four master elements, their benefits and the 4 x 25 target. It helps you understand how inherited beliefs, mixed money messages, neuroscience and stress make and keep you off-kilter, unbalanced and unhealthy. Raising your awareness of both the internal and external factors lets you side-step their influence and gives you personal power for making better choices.

The Money Dynamic gives you a new approach that is easy and accessible in every situation. The program gives you everything you need to use all four master elements on a daily basis. Now feeling bad about money can be a thing of the past and it can happen without any pain!

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