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The Problem With Money? It's Not About the Money!

When it comes to money, you can't really fix the "what" until you know the "why." 

There are loads of books presenting “keys” for how to manage money. As a result, there are many people who know exactly what to do to gain control of their finances. Yet there are very few who actually do what’s necessary to reach their stated financial objectives. Now you no longer have to be victim to living the same money problems over and over again.

Discovering a pattern of financial sabotage

CPA Jane Honeck wondered why her clients weren’t following the logical, simple steps that lead to financial balance; things like saving, avoiding excess credit card debt, budgeting, and the like. It wasn’t until her own life’s circumstances took her into a process of self-exploration that she discovered we all hold unconscious beliefs about money that strongly influence how we handle our finances. Viewing ourselves as incompetent money managers, thinking it’s not okay to spend money on ourselves, along with a myriad of other ideas in between, all hold us hostage in a dysfunctional life with money.

Building on that realization, she developed a method of assisting people in uncovering these hidden beliefs, neutralizing those that erode their efforts to control their spending and saving habits, and re-framing others so they become supports instead of sabotages in their financial life.

Steps towards gaining Financial Control Evolve Into A Book

Jane’s unique approach refined over years of working with clients one-on-one and in group classes, is clearly presented in The Problem with Money? It’s Not About the Money! It begins with identifying money beliefs in seven key areas and explores how they influence behavior in seven facets of our lives. Then it provides tools and techniques for gaining power over these beliefs to naturally change financial behavior. Bringing the process full circle, the book provides methods for identifying small, doable action steps that produce the profoundly positive benefits of being financially conscious.

The integration of practical techniques for getting to the root of the problem, with an intimate understanding of personal and business finance make The Problem with Money? It’s Not About the Money! especially valuable for anyone wanting to uncover  unconscious money choices to finally gain control of their financial life.

"Jane Honeck believes that at the core of our money troubles are unexamined beliefs that drive us to self-destructive behaviour that limits our ability to succeed financially. In her book The Problem with Money? It’s not about the Money! she lays out a series of exercises designed to root out your hidden beliefs, examine them, and find ways to break out of old patterns."​
Michael James
"Jane Honeck’s The Problem with Money? It’s Not About the Money! goes deeper and suggests that your adult relationship with money stems from your first or even subconscious childhood impressions of money. Only by acknowledging these influences can you, according to Honeck, become ‘financially conscious.’"
Renee Sylvestre-Williams
Wallet Pop Canada
"Great book for those with money problems but can never figure out why they can’t stop making the same mistakes over and over again. This book could be a financial life saver by getting to the psychological root of the problem once and for all."
Steve Burns
Author of “How I Made Money"
"This enjoyable, enlightening, and easy to digest book is your road map to understanding your own negative beliefs about money — and trust me, we all have them — and creating the empowering money beliefs necessary to build and maintain a rewarding financial life."
Amy Wood, Psy.D.