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As a coach, consultant and trusted adviser, I help you sort through your frustration and raise your awareness of everything that gets in your way so together we can discover and define your strengths. Face it, we all know what to do with money - save more and spend less - we just can’t seem to do it because focusing on money mechanics isn’t where the problem lies. But getting up close and personal with who you are and how you think about money is the solution. My primary goal is for you to find peace with who you are and where you’ve been so you can successfully move forward with your life.


To teach, to challenge, to discover, to communicate and to create confidence in your decision-making process. I help you make choices based on your values instead of your money. When you do, money no longer leads your life; it moves into a supporting role - right where it belongs.



Jane, You were amazing this morning. You figured out what I needed and you made it happen quite expeditiously. I really can't afford not to have you in my life.My stress level is 1/10 what it was when I walked into your office.
Your grateful client John

Dr. John R. Joseph, ER Doctor

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The Money Dynamic

Jane Honeck is the founder of a ground-breaking new program called The Money Dynamic a learning tool to help people understand the relationship between them and their money. The Money Dynamic includes eight different classes that give you a whole new way of thinking and talking about money. The program starts with where you are now and moves you forward to create a new stress-free life with money. Each class within The Money Dynamic has a number of fun, interactive lessons and exercises that help you fully integrate your learning into everyday behaviors.

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Jane Honeck understands the complexity of the simple discussion