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Musings on Life...

Writing for my blog and book slowly expanded to writing about my take on life in general. Here you’ll find my two cents worth on a wide variety of topics. Check often, you might be surprised to see what you find!

...And Money

My writing began with a money blog where I asked my readers to become financially conscious by exploring how money shows up in our world. As I promoted my book and developed The Money Dynamic program, I wrote more articles to promote change in our thinking. Although these musings were written in the past, the content is still relevant today.
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Tightening my leash

 A bald eagle circled above me this morning as I walked along the Lake Road. With each effortless revolution the sun glinted off his magnificent white head and I watched his easy circles, marveling at the beauty and grace of this once almost instinct bird, remembering the joy of
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Year One

I can thank Facebook and my husband, Kook Diffin, for reminding me that my last blog was a year ago. Isn’t it interesting that I announced I would keep you updated on my move Downeast but instead a whole year went by in silence.  Now silence is a good thing
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Day One

Day One. Well not really, but I’m choosing to ignore yesterday when the Walmart shopping trip to Calais was the highlight of my day. Staring out the car window I thought, “I can’t do this “and “just shoot me” and “if I move back, would Wayne come too?” No
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5 Ways Money Will Destroy Your Happy Marriage (IF You Let It)

Money can either make you or break you. The choice is yours! “Money is the reason my marriage failed,” my new coaching client said. Damn, I thought … once again, money became the uninvited partner that knocks the sense (and cents) out of two, once-upon-a-time-madly-in-love individuals. Not knowing when,
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5 Disturbing Signs That Your Money’s Been Hacked

Your bank account hasn’t been breached … but your THOUGHTS have! With celebrity nude photos being leaked on the internet and the world’s biggest corporations having their systems breached, everyone’s confidence is justifiably shaky, worrying whether they’ll be the next hacking victim. We’re changing passwords, downloading new security programs, and
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An Accountant, a Therapist and a TV Producer walk into a bar…

It’s not about what you do with your money, it’s WHY you do it! In an odd and unusual turn of events, an accountant, a therapist and a TV producer created a program that combines dollars and sense, money psychology and entertainment. Recently released, The Money Dynamic is worlds
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