I can thank Facebook and my husband, Kook Diffin, for reminding me that my last blog was a year ago. Isn’t it interesting that I announced I would keep you updated on my move Downeast but instead a whole year went by in silence.

 Now silence is a good thing for an introvert like me, but at some point I had to admit that too much of a good thing just doesn’t work. So, I pulled up my big girl pants and reached beyond my comfort zone. One year later my new life on the Canadian border is nothing short of a miracle. A year ago I was whining and begging not to be left alone and now I marvel at the new life I’ve created. So instead of commenting on this crazy world we’re living in (I may have to change the name of my blog to It’s All About the Money), I’ll start on a positive note and tell you who and what I’m grateful for.

My cozy home surrounded by trees and fields and Porter’s Mountain.

My walks along Lake Road crossing paths with new friends like Jackie Knox.

Friendly transplants like Sarah Strickland helping me find my way.

New and old friends from Hilltop Campground lead by my brother-in-law Doug Diffin building us a garage—for real!

Fellow Washington, DC Women’s Marcher, Leah McLean. Like-minded souls even in a remote place like this.

Rising Tide Women’s Business Network and founder, Lanette Pottle, connecting me to the action up here.

Passionate young entrepreneurs working hard to create a good life for their families.

My creative neighbor and friend, Bonnie Stewart reminding me that I too can be creative. Expressions Gallery in Machias where I’m trying my hand at felting, glass fusion and even painting.

Polar Treat opening in the cold days of spring (still waiting for Muddy Boots to appear).

Robbinston Historical Society and the opportunity to get involved with our tiny community.

Witty Dottie Johnson and her Out and About column in The Calais Advertiser that featured our Christmas trip to Portland.

Mother’s Day opening of Quoddy Bay Lobster where the best Maine lobster rolls can be found.

My monthly four hour sojourns to southern Maine—all downhill.

Climbing back to the beauty of Washington County where my hubby waits (always with a newly cleaned house).

Does it get much better? Maybe, but for now I’m feeling pretty fortunate. Of course, some of you are saying that’s not what she said last week! But life ebbs and flows, you get the good with the bad, the up with the down, the hot and the cold. It’s the great 50/50 that makes life interesting. All we have to remember is to step back with curiosity and embrace what’s around us.

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