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My professional life has two very divergent paths. The first is a continuation of my years as a CPA, tax consultant and money coach and the second is my foray into the world of writing where I explore the world around me.

I started as a traditional Certified Public Accountant and financial consultant at Honeck-O’Toole CPAs, the firm I founded back in 1982. Luckily, I didn’t listen to my father when he said no one would hire a female accountant ,and instead, I created the first women-only accounting firm in Portland, Me. Our early motto, Where Women Count, not only celebrated the value of our staff but also the expertise of women in the financial world. In a few short years, we became the highly respected and successful firm that still exists today.

Over the years, I developed financial workshops as well as preparing tax returns and advising clients on both personal and business matters. These workshops gave my clients the basic knowledge they needed to be successful personally, and in business. The more I interacted with my clients, the I realized that solving money problems and creating healthy financial lives was so much more than just the numbers and standard financial guidelines. I knew there had to be another side to it.

I charted a new course for myself and my clients when I trained under empowerment pioneers, Gail Straub and David Gershon, and became a Certified Empowerment Trainer. I developed new programs that combined my extensive technical knowledge with my in-depth awareness of human consciousness and the underlying core beliefs that drive our lives. Eventually, I deepened my knowledge of human behavior and the change process by becoming a GISC Certified Coach at the Gestalt International Study Center in Cape Cod.

As part of this process, I wrote my award-winning and internationally published book, The Problem with Money? It’s Not about the Money. Ten years later, it is still being used in universities and groups to lead discussions about the importance of discovering and mastering the unexamined beliefs that drive our financial lives. That book, along with my five-year-long blog pushed me down the path as a writer where I continue to explore this interesting world of ours.

Today, I divide my time between coaching clients and writing, and share my financial expertise by volunteering at my local food pantry, historical society and hospice program. All this feeds my soul as I find my way through life in a small, way Downeast, very rural village in Maine where I reside with my dog Arnie and my husband Wayne (yes, we are Jane and Wayne from Maine).

I work with individuals and couples in person, by telephone, or Zoom to help you discover a new way of thinking about and living with money. During a series of six meetings, we co-create the best way to solve your specific money issues. Many have chosen to continue working with me to tackle other business, work, and life issues.

What people are saying:

"Jane, You were amazing this morning. You figured out what I needed and you made it happen quite expeditiously. I really can't afford not to have you in my life.My stress level is 1/10 what it was when I walked into your office."
Your grateful client, John
"The work I did with Jane shifted my focus, and my finances now reflect my more balanced relationship with money. During this past year, I was able to get out of credit card debt and launch my own life coaching business. I give much of the credit for these successes to Jane's coaching."
Creighton Taylor
"We are delighted with the work we are doing with Jane. Jane is helping us understand some of our underlying limiting assumptions about money and finances. In addition, she is providing the framework for us to make significant life direction decisions. Instead of the uncomfortable conversations we've tried to have with each other over the years, all of this has been EASY. We highly recommend Jane's approach to couples who are tired of the old money messages that are haunting their lives."
John and Elizabeth Reuthe
Elizabeth Reuthe Associates
"My husband and I got married thirty-eight years ago to the tune of my father saying, "Always have separate checking accounts." Jane has guided us through what money means to each of us, and how we can merge some aspects of our finances and still feel we are independent in others. It has been a wonderful experience!"
Laura Vanderbilt Ernst
"Working with Jane has truly transformed my relationship to money. It has been a critical element for my husband and I as we began the process of unearthing our beliefs around money and how these thoughts were running our lives and impacting our ability to consciously plan for our future. I would recommend this program to anyone who is craving a new relationship with their finances!"
Marla Teyolia, MSW, CEO Empowered Mama

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