Day One. Well not really, but I’m choosing to ignore yesterday when the Walmart shopping trip to Calais was the highlight of my day. Staring out the car window I thought, “I can’t do this “and “just shoot me” and “if I move back, would Wayne come too?” No point dwelling on that day. As my son John said, ”Stop whining. Put a smile on your face and some pep in your step.”

So here I am on Day One, draped in netting to keep the Maine black flies from turning me into a bloody mess. I’m ready for a trek through our 120 acres on old roads that after 10 years of having a “hunting camp” here, I still don’t know even though generations of deer-stalking stories took place on those roads. Those tales fell on deaf ears because I never truly believed I’d be living here.

Here is Robbinston, Maine. Loosely called a town. No town center, no school (the elementary school with 37 students shut down last year), no stores, no gas station, no… no… no. Do you get my drift? Even though I’m a small town girl from rural Wisconsin, Kewaskum had 1,500 residents and Milwaukee was a half hour away. Now the closest big city is Bangor (of King of the Road infamy) and it is 2 hours (with only one rest stop) away.

So here I go, my official Day One, properly garbed, I’m walking up the Quinn Lane—I know that one—almost a dirt road, up a hill into the woods, only a few wet spots to jump over. The dogs trotting along beside us; Arnie running free—Random on leash. She can’t be trusted, I don’t want Richie down the road appearing at my door again asking “is that your dog in my truck? Is that Wayne yelling in the woods?”  I say, “I don’t know, didn’t know they were gone.” And, “do I know you?”

Anyway, an hour later, I’m on Moss Road (I do remember that one and all the deer that got away on it).  I never imagined it so beautiful. Covered in its soft, lush namesake it sure beats walking the paved roads of my old Freeport neighborhood. Freeport, that quaint Southern Maine town of 8,000, home to LL Bean and countless outlet stores. Now that’s the Maine I’m talking about.  Small town living with big city goodies only minutes away. Everything a girl could want.

Then why am I here?  Good question. That’s what I hope to find out. Stick with me—I’m not ready to be alone up here yet!

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