Something happened on the way to despair. After looking at the numbers, I was hopeless. There didn’t seem anyway out and all I could see were problems. My periscope was stuck in the down position and so was I. That’s when something said, “share your journey.”
And I did. Not only with you but also with close friends and family. I followed my own advice to talk, really talk about money. I found I was not alone. Many of you let me know you were there. Your support helped me lift my head and gaze into the future (a place I was avoiding like the plague).
And, then it happened—just like I tell my clients. Keeping my head down only looking at problems just gave me more of the same. Bowed by shame and blame I couldn’t see any possibilities or opportunities coming my way. There’s something about fear that makes us forget everything we know. Fear gets us in its clutches and our brains go out the window. We see only one outcome—and it ain’t good!
Now the details of what I’m going through aren’t important—it’s the journey that is. Suffice it to say the family business is changing and the consequences are frightening. But this week I see some possibilities because my head is up and I’m thinking straight again. Those possibilities are letting me reach out to others. I’m listening to what I preach and asking for help. This week it’s with the landlord who was great at brainstorming alternatives. “Two heads are better than one”, they say, but first you have to ask!
So my periscope is up and I’m hoping to keep it up—at least through Thanksgiving (there’s still plenty to be thankful for). And I’m old enough to know up is not a permanent position because our problems aren’t solved, but with luck (and friends) I can keep it well-greased and able to move. Hopefully, I’ll remember that life has its ups and downs and it’s my attitude that makes the difference.
Full speed ahead!

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