I can’t let it go. Since my last blog I’ve been spending more and more time testing out my theory that if we put relationships first and money second many of our problems would be solved. I’ve share it with everyone I meet and so far no one has told me that I’m totally off base. The more they think about it, the more they find their own life examples that support my thinking. What do you think? Can you find examples in your life where if you had put money second, you would have done something different?

I’ve been thinking of my own money vs. relationship stories. Unfortunately, the list of when I put money first is just as long as the regrets that go with it. Simple things like going back to work after 6 weeks instead of staying home with my newborn sons. Or, going to New York with a client instead of being at my son’s 5th grade graduation. Not an important graduation but years later what matters is the lost time with my son.

Luckily, I can find some times when I did choose relationship over money and I can smile over those. Like deciding to take a risk and quit my job to open my own accounting firm so I could work with clients my way. (There’s a reason the tagline for the firm became “where people count”.) Or really taking a risk and selling my share of that same firm so I could work to “change the way people think about money”. Both times money took a back seat and I’ve never regretted it.

So I ask you, what’s your story? When did you put money first and relationship second or vice versa? How did it play out for you?  Care to share?

Still contemplating…

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