Sex and Money, the last two topics we don’t talk openly about in America. I first wrote this in my 2nd blog post almost three years ago. You know what? Things haven’t gotten much better. Sure, we have the surface conversations about what we or the government should do with our money—but do we ever really talk about how our beliefs and values show up?

However, sex and money have been brought together in the last two days. Having just finished an interesting article, The Accidental Rebranding of Komen for the Cure, my cynical self can’t help but wonder if the board’s attitude was It’s Not About the Money when in fact it was all about the money. And because we don’t talk openly about either, inattention or lack of awareness blurs the potential outcome of any decision. My CPA brain can only imagine what the final financial ramifications will be on both sides of this debacle. As the article suggests, the money tsunami has just started.

When we’re not financially conscious we do just what Komen for the Cure did.We stick our head in the sand and the world’s response catches us with our pants down. Contrast that with Planned Parenthood’s response. Their everyday life is about surviving to protect women’s right to choose. And because their survival depends on funding, they know money talk must happen every day in every way. Without deeper money understanding, they won’t exist.

So let’s be honest about sex and money and start talking. Talking will open our minds to other ways of looking at the world. Talking will make us examine what we really believe and where our real values are. But most of all, we’ll be living our own fully conscious life, not one orchestrated by another’s agenda.

Your Money $ Your Life Radio Show, at 5pm on Saturday, February 19th will open the conversation. Join Amy and I and share your voice!

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