An auspicious moment in time. Someone told me that the thing to do on 11/11/11 was to set an intention for the future—something we wanted to see for ourselves and the world. So, while on the phone with a coaching client this morning, we decided to state our intentions at 11:11 to be sure we used as many 11’s as possible.

We found that our intentions evolved from the same desire—finding balance—something so elusive in today’s world. We started in different directions—mine balancing giving and receiving—hers from generally feeling out of balance. But our bottom line was the same; when things feel out of balance life in general is overwhelming. So, as we set our intentions for personal balance, we also did the same for the greater world. After all, grass roots efforts aren’t only about protests and such.

We decided a good place to find balance would be in finding joy in the simple things we were already doing. So often, our everyday tasks turn into chores filled with feelings of dread and overwhelm. But, if we shift our attitude a bit and give up a timeline or agenda, tasks can actually become enjoyable. Because, face it, if we keep waiting for that one big moment, whether it’s filled with joy, love or even money, we never find it. And, the longer we wait the higher our expectations get and the probability of finding that perfect moment becomes smaller and smaller. And, in the meantime, we miss all those other moments.

So for me, I’m going to receive all those small joyful moments with open arms. And, when I give more than required, the memory of receiving small moments will keep my giving side in balance. And, for my client, she’s going to add some joyful things to her life to balance the less pleasurable chores she faces. Because when we start our journey to balance by filling the scales with joy, it’s much easier to accept the other side of things.

Now where do we find the joy to balance the world’s financial crisis?

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