Here’s another excuse: I missed last week’s blog because I was recovering from a sharp blow to the head—one that was completely my fault—I tried to walk through a plate glass window.  And, as those who know my walking can attest, I did it at a fairly good clip.  I bounced off hard enough that it made my eyes water and left my nose tender to the touch even 10 days later.  Luckily there were no black eyes or bruises to embarrass me even more.

It was one of those things that shakes you to the core and makes you stop and say; what was I thinking?  Was I even one bit aware of what I was doing or where I was going?  And then I went on to blame the building managers for not having bird warnings or at least dirty windows. But, to be honest, if I blame others, I don’t really accept responsibility and without accepting responsibility, there’s a good chance it will happen again.

Kind of like running up against money behaviors that get us into financial trouble. How many times have we looked back and lamented, if they had only told me, explained it better or given me more information—I never would have done that!  Unfortunately, when we blame it all on them, we don’t avail ourselves of the opportunity to do things differently next time.  Even if it’s simple things like listening better, asking more questions, or doing more research—it can make a difference in the financial consequences.

So I’m taking full responsibility for slowing down, being fully present and asking “where am I in this time and place.”  After all, I want to be fully in command of that next rude awakening—don’t you?

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