September has always felt like the New Year to me.  I guess the excitement of the new school year—and  my special first day of school clothes—always felt like a new beginning.  By the end of summer, I had transitioned and decompressed from the previous school year and I was ready to begin again full of hope, promise and drive. I can still feel the excitement of another new year!

On the other hand, the January New Year always feels like an obligation to come up with a new resolution at a time when I’d rather hunker down and hibernate.  I don’t really feel like starting anything new.  In fact, if I have to do something, I’d rather contemplate my navel for awhile before I begin to think about what I want to do differently.

So, today I’m giving myself permission to make September my Happy New Year.  Why not, it’s the Romans that decided January 1st would be the day to honor Janus the god of gates, doors and beginnings, I didn’t.  The saying may go, “when in Rome, do as the Romans”, but as far as I know, I’m not in Rome!

And, I already began new resolutions sort of by default.  My September money challenge has me whining about my new life with money.  It hasn’t even been a week of conscious saving and boy am I learning some things about my money behavior (I’ll tell you more about that next week). In hindsight, I also see that I resolved to build a new relationship with food.  So, I have two great New Year’s resolutions already under way.  I’m on a roll!

Anyone else out there still operating on the school year?  If so, care to join me with some New Year Resolutions?

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