My oldest son, John and I were talking about how much money we unconsciously spend every day—things like coffee (and breakfast sandwiches) at the morning drive through, extra snacks when stopping for gas, eating out instead of cooking at home.  You know the kind of things we’re talking about.  All those little indulgences add up to a lot of money in one month (or year).  Now, usually when we think about saving money we go for the big ticket item hoping for a big bang for our time and effort.  But it’s the little things that add up quickly and make a difference.

Anyway, we decided to do a September Challenge to see who could spend the least amount of money in 30 days.  After some talk about how this could work and be fair, we decided that at the end of the month we would tally up how much we had spent outside of our fixed monthly expenses.  And, because we’re both part of a couple; we dragged our other half into it.

So, being competitive sorts, we’re all thinking about how we can set things up to work for our advantage.  Maybe a massive grocery trip on August 31st or a stockpile of drinks for the month?  I figure I can save by finally eating up some of that stuff in the freezer (instead of throwing it out in a year). I’m also a little worried because we have two weddings to go to in September. But, I’ll quit procrastinating and buy the gifts and cards in August.

We’re all excited to see how much we’ll end up saving by being totally conscious of our spending.  I know we’ll be amazed at how much the four of us save.  Now all we have to do is come up with a fitting prize that won’t cost as much as we save?

Care to join us?  Sign up on Facebook   $100 goes to the grand prizewinner!

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