Here I sit at the airport waiting to fly to New York.  Forgot to check the flight status from home so it’s my own fault that I didn’t know about the 45 minute delay.  Hopefully, it won’t turn into the 9 hour delay I remember one foggy east coast day.  This kind of weather has a way of playing havoc with flight schedules turning the Atlantic seaboard into one big butterfly effect—only with planes (and traffic).

At least I’ve learned to relax.  Yes it’s annoying but there’s nothing I can do about it.  Getting worked up only ruins my day more.  Of course, now I overhear that the 45 minute delay is a thing of the past, the plane has two stops on its way to Portland and hasn’t even started.  My book award reception isn’t until 5:00 tonight, maybe with luck I’ll still make it.  But, it sounds like attending today’s Book Expo America is wishful thinking. (I just heard hints from the gate agent that the flight might be totally cancelled—I’m ignoring those.)

It’s interesting that after obsessing about going, I may not make it at all.  Today and tomorrow were to have been the end of a weekend trip to the Big Apple with my middle son.  But a terrible spring cold side-lined me and we canceled. And, as much as I tell myself it’s not about the money, the dollars spent on the return flight, the expo and the reception kept nudging me to go.  So, here I am waiting and waiting.

Can you tell I’m dragging my feet on today’s theme?  Guess last week’s procrastination and writer’s block is still with me.

Hmmm.  Maybe the lesson is:  it’s not about the money—it’s about the weather!

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