A client asked me to come up with a plan to accomplish tasks from a “brain dump” of the things she needed to get done—it was driving her crazy!  Expecting a long list of big tasks, I had her send it to me so I could formulate a plan of attack.  Yesterday, I got the list and was amazed that it didn’t seem to match the frustrations she had conjured up or the long list I had imagined.

And then, I felt how procrastination turns simple tasks into huge perceived problems when it took me right to that one big item on my “to do” list. All we hear are the amazingly, negative messages that our perceived problems are shouting at us.

So here’s my confession.  I’ve been procrastinating writing my blog—anyone notice? First it was 12 days between posts with an apology for using internet material.  Now it’s been 14 days and you should hear the messages from me to me.  I haven’t had time to write my blog. Maybe once a week is too much.  I can’t come up with good ideas anymore.  If it’s this tough, I guess it’s just time to stop completely!

So this morning, as part of the plan for my client, I decided to knock it off my list—not so easy!  First, I needed another cup of coffee.  Finally at my computer, I decide I really should change that plane reservation (still haven’t done that either).  Next, I begin writing, but e-mails keep coming in—I just have to respond to those right away!  Boy, procrastination hangs on tight.  And, now it’s time for another cup of coffee…

But, in the words of Nike—finally I Just Do it! and it feels so much better than continuing to beat myself up for giving in to all the distractions of life.  And, if all we do is start the day with Just Do it! for one task on that list, by the end of the week it will be 7 tasks shorter and, eventually that list will be gone because we’ll be handling things as they come up.

So, I encourage you to schedule one half-hour a day to Just Do It!  I did and I’m moving into today with a great feeling of accomplishment. I’ll let you know about tomorrow…

You can do it too!  And, big thanks to Madame X—you helped us all!

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