OK, I’ll admit it – I have a hangover.  But it’s not what you think.  I’m hung-over from too much:  too much of a good thing.  Do you know what I mean?  Why is it when Thanksgiving comes around, we shift into overindulgence?  Too much turkey, too much pie, too much company, too much fun (and too much money)!  And, when I shift into overdrive, all the positive points of a holiday weekend get lost in blame, shame and guilt.

Blame because I knew better – it’s my fault I’m tired.  Shame because who really needs to eat (or spend) that much.  And, guilt because it’s not what I wanted, once again I fell short of my unreasonable expectations (or budget).  But when we focus on the “big three” it’s so easy to forget all the good and throw in the towel for the rest of the season.  Overindulgence becomes the name of the game for the month of December and sometimes longer!

But, today I’m shifting the box, as my friend Donna would say.  I’m shifting my view from blame, shame and guilt to re-viewing the high points of the weekend.  I see the family dinners, the joyful children, and the beautiful 4 hour drive Downeast, instead of just being tired.  I see the sumptuous Thanksgiving feast (and our unusual pre-Thanksgiving feast of appetizers and desserts) instead of the numbers on my scale.  And I affirm that the outcome was exactly what I wanted, a weekend of family, fun and food!

So the overindulgence can stop today.  Because I don’t need to overindulge, when I give up blame, shame and guilt.  I can indulge on all the memories of another wonderful Thanksgiving.  That’s enough to fill anyone up.

I’m ready to face the December holidays with a clean slate; ready to enjoy every last minute.

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