I don’t need to tell you that this upcoming holiday is all about being thankful.  We’re gearing up to answer that age old Thanksgiving question:  what are you thankful for?  And, because It’s Not About The Money! you’re probably thinking the last thing I’d be writing about is being thankful for money.

But, when we are conscious and balanced in our attitude toward money, we can be neither fearful nor cavalier about its presence in our life.  We can stop and think about all the things in our lives that money brings.  Then, we can see that there is very much about money to be thankful for.  So, since today I am feeling particularly balanced, I thought I’d take this opportunity to make my Thanksgiving list all about the money!

I’m thankful that:

Money lets me contribute to non-profit organizations I believe in (don’t forget year-end tax deductions).

Money buys meaningful gifts to show family and friends I care (never too late to start your shopping).

Money buys healthy food so I can care for my body (need to do this more).

A $2.00 ticket lets me share the Festival of Lights with my grandchildren (time to untangle those holiday lights).

Money gives me freedom to pursue my passion on a full-time basis (thank you, thank you, thank you).

Money gives me a safe car to travel in (here comes the snow).

Money gives me heat on winter days (warm nose, warm heart).

Money lets me fly home to visit my elderly, failing mother (I love you, Mom).

Money let my son fly home for a visit on short notice (I love you, son).

Money lets me share with all of you on a weekly basis (lucky you).

So Thursday as you gather with family and friends, I encourage you to share thanks for all money brings to our lives.  Let’s be real about how blessed we are for its many gifts.

And the list goes on….

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