How many times have we started daydreaming with these words?  If money were no object, what would I do with my time?  If money were no object, where would I live?  If money were no object, where would I go on vacation?  If money were no object, how would I spend it?
I was musing on this the other morning during my “Random” walk, and I thought – it’s the same as if I won the lottery…  We instantly go to a place of no worries because we’d have all the money we need.   Life would be good.  But we’ve all heard the stories of winners whose lives turned to disasters because of those lottery winnings.
And, then I realized winning the lottery and if money were no object really have nothing in common.  Winning the lottery turns money into an even bigger object – the proverbial elephant in the room.  And, all our dysfunctional money beliefs & values are still right there but now they are magnified to the nth degree.  And at that degree it becomes all too loud and clear to see how our money beliefs can ruin our lives.
But, on the other hand, what if money were no object?  What does that mean on the belief level?  If money were no object, we might not value one profession over another; lawyer over teacher or teacher over janitor.  We might not look askance at the homeless or those living in ivory towers.  Or, maybe we’d all eat organic and local because it was good for us, our neighbors and environment.  What decisions would we make for education, our communities our world?
Interesting to think about if  it has nothing to do with quantity of dollars. What would our world really look like if money truly were no object?
What do you think?

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