It’s the eve of a big election—or at least that’s what we’re told.  Is it only me, or is it more and more difficult to know if the information we’re being fed is true or not?  I find it so hard to know what to believe these days, that sometimes I wish it were the days of yore when the only information we had was what we saw with our own eyes or heard with our own ears.

But now we have polls—more and more polls that tell us it’s already too late—the decision has been made.  And, having taken Stat 101 and 102 in my college days, I know that statistical knowledge tells us that a small sampling will reflect a much, much larger group.  But, logically, my brain is telling me that a sampling of 642 individuals can’t really reflect the thinking of an entire state.

So, it’s all very confusing.  But there is one thing I know.  The political thinking and the divide between the red and blue states is all about money—especially in this economic climate.  And, the messages we are receiving make us all wonder if there is anything in our world other than money?

So, I want to remind you that behind the money are the beliefs and values about what is really important in our lives.  And, so the most important thing we can do when we head to the polls, is to look behind the money messages and find the values that reflect what are really important to us:  not just short-term values, but long-term values for our country, our state and for our families and ourselves.  Because don’t you think that’s what we really should be voting for?

No excuses—get out and vote!

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