I’m going to be really honest – this is a hard blog to write.  Seems like every time I have something big to announce I find a way to sabotage it.  And, I guess it’s happening again .

You might remember when I announced my new book was available on June 9th, that I forgot to e-mail you that a new blog post was up.  So, I found it very interesting that the same thing happened when I announced my big career change on September 15th in Packing Up.  (Check it out now if you haven’t seen it already.)

And, now here I am again, trying to invite you to an Open House & Book Celebration at my new office and feeling the same hesitation.  I was going to do the party on this Sunday (after 3 weeks of traveling) but a good friend said to me, “why don’t you put it off a few weeks.  You also seem to sabotage your events by not allowing enough time to do it right!”  She definitely was on to something.

Maybe as an extreme introvert (1 on the Myer’s Briggs 1-10 scale) I just don’t want to be noticed.  But, it’s awfully hard to get a new business going if you cave in to that tendency – sound familiar to anyone else?

So, here it is 3 weeks away and I’m finally inviting you to my big event.  I hope you can join me for the celebration!

 Open House and Book Celebration

Sunday, November 7th

2 – 4 pm

At my new office

100 Gray Road

Falmouth, ME  04105


There I did it!  Hope that magical, disappearing blog notice doesn’t rear its ugly head!

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