“Be quick to listen and slow to speak”, I heard at a recent presentation.  (Sounds like great advice my husband would say, and, of course, I’d say the same about him.)  Then the speaker said, “but, be careful who you listen to.”  And, that is what really stuck with me.

With all of our fear-based media and marketing, it’s easy to fall prey to believing and acting on the economic news around us.  Is it just me, or are you too hearing more negativity?  As we listen, the knot of fear starts in our stomach and we alter our thoughts and behavior accordingly.

But what if instead of listening, we stopped and thought about our own life right now?  What is our truth?  When we started our day, did we feel this fear?  And, if we did, is it because of today? Or, is  it because of old (and new) messages about what might happen?  Now, I’m not suggesting we bury our heads in the sand and go merrily along, but, what I am suggesting is that we use critical thinking to decide what the economic message is for us.

Do we want to operate from this place of fear and worry; or from a place of power?  One place puts us in a state of hopelessness and irresponsibility; the other of power to change and make things happen.

If we use critical thinking, we can get to our truth.  The truth that right now, in this moment, we are all right – maybe not perfect – but all right.  Because in reality, we have the power to make decisions that will make us more financially stable.  And, more importantly, we have the power to shift our attitude from one that undermines us to one that supports us.

Think about it.

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