Most of us stubbornly argue for our limitations to the point of where we no longer allow anything new and exciting into our lives. We become stuck between can and cannot do, getting close to what we want but then delaying its arrival with sabotaging thoughts, emotions and beliefs. It is important to monitor the contents of our inner worlds as often as we can, since nothing new can arrive until we open ourselves fully to the possibilities of our grandest hopes and dreams – one thought and moment at a time.

I wish I could remember where I found that quote. All I know is it struck a chord with me and I tucked it away for future reference. Today seems to be the day I need to focus on it. How often do we defend our actions to the nth degree, only to later regret not being open to constructive criticism or a fresh viewpoint? We cling to our shortcomings as if our life depended on it when really it is the abandonment that sets us free.

So it is with money habits. We cling to the old way of doing things because we have always done it that way. We do it over and over again thinking that somehow we know better or we have changed—this time will be different. But in the words of Dr. Phil, “how’s that working for you?”

Instead of trying the same old mechanical fixes, don’t we owe it to ourselves to examine the sabotaging thoughts, beliefs and emotions that keep us in the same dysfunctional relationship with money? Don’t we want to find out what it is about our thinking that keeps us stuck in the same old places?  Don’t we deserve that much?

I’m ready to open to the possibilities of my grandest hopes and dreams—time to stop being stubborn!

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