Vacation is over and I’m sure you know what re-entry is like. Some many times, I have questioned whether vacation was really worth it? I find it especially hard to return after coming back from Robbinston where I’ve managed to get away from e-mail, internet and phone calls.  Life becomes much simpler and more manageable when we drift back into the way it was – or as Maine says, The Way Life Should Be! (If only all of Maine was like Washington County.)

When we’re away from it all, no matter where we choose to vacation, all our shoulds go away.  No more, “I should do this, you should do that or we shouldn’t even think of.”  We just live in the moment and make decisions based on what we want to do, not what we should do.  We know vacation is about relaxing and having fun so we just ease into life instead of facing our daily pile of shoulds.  Likewise, we’ve planned for the vacation financially so we needn’t struggle with financial worries – we have it all planned and we can just let everything flow.

So the questions to be answered are, how do we keep this feeling going when we get back?  How do we ease into life and do what comes naturally instead of listening to the interior voices of shoulds and musts?  How do we live a financially conscious life so we don’t get caught up in the financial problems so many of us face?

As luck would have it, I was given a one-day reprieve because one by one all my Monday appointments cancelled or rescheduled and suddenly I had a free day. All my scheduled shoulds disappeared and because I am still in vacation mode I stayed easy and relaxed and some shoulds (like this one) turned into wants. 

Hmmm, is that the secret?  What do you think?

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