Have you ever had a secret that you thought you had shared – only to out it was only in your mind!  Well, it’s happened to me and I wonder what in my subconscious was keeping me from setting it free?  My e-mail announcing this blog never got sent.  So some of you may have since found it,  but while on vacation, I’m republishing for those who did not!

Although a few of you have known what I’ve been up to, I have kept most of you in the dark.  But now it’s official, I’m an author!  The Problem With Money? It’s Not About the Money! is hot off the press.  I began writing my book while on my annual Robbinston vacation last year.  And less than one short year later it is finished!  Finally, the two sides of my life (accounting and self-discovery) have come together.  I can’t wait to share what I have learned.

My professional work over the last 30 years made it clear to me that people’s issues with money couldn’t be solved with just left-brain solutions—I knew there was more to it.  But, it wasn’t until I became a Certified Empowerment Trainer that I found the right-brain tools for helping people really deal with finances.  The empowerment methodology taught me how deep-rooted beliefs can hold us hostage to patterns that don’t serve our lives and my left-brained experience as a CPA and Personal Financial Specialist  took me straight to money.  I had found the missing link and couldn’t wait to share this discovery with others.

The Problem With Money? is about mastering the unexamined beliefs that drive our financial lives.  Because once we uncover and master these beliefs, we can have the money life we deserve. And once we have the financial life we deserve and want, we can put money where it belongs in our life.  Not as the most important, most powerful, or most feared thing in our life—but rather as just a small piece of our overall life.  Finally, money will be put in proper perspective.

Okay, now I’ve shared my secret – once and for all!  Pass it on……….  (Sorry you missed the party – my fault!)

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