Wouldn’t life be simple if change was as easy as turning a dime into two nickels? Sure, the first time we made change, it took a lot of thinking and concentration, but now we can do it with our eyes closed and nary a thought.

Not so in life—or, not at least in my life. I can use most any metaphor to describe my behavior during even the smallest transitions. Kicking and screaming, digging in my heels, going around in circles—any and all of those are great images for when I encounter change—doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, my reaction is the same.

My big change this week is going from vacation back to work, from busy tax season with a looming deadline to little projects to finish any time, from empty nester back to hostess of a young adult. All little things that add up to a disruption of my usual routine. And disruption of that routine means I must change.

If only I could remember that today’s “disruptive” change becomes tomorrow’s “usual” routine. Life would be so simple. No emotional tirades, no loss of efficiency, no sleepless nights (writing blogs at 3 am), no worries; I’d glide into new routines with lightness and grace. Any change, even difficult financial change would be easy if we could only remember this.

So next time I’m faced with change (probably tomorrow), ’m going to use this mantra:  “If change is inevitable, I might as well relax and enjoy it.” Because if I do, I know everyone around me will, and life will be simple once again.

Bring it on, I’m ready.

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