Did you miss me?  You probably guessed that my life (and blog) was taken over by tax season.  It makes me think of all the times my children groaned when they knew it was tax season again.  They’d complain, “I know…it’s tax season!”  No matter how I tried, even though I was with them physically, mentally I was locked in my world of numbers.  And, that left side of my brain just isn’t the side tuned into the softer, more compassionate side of things.

Not that taxes don’t deserve a lot of compassion.  When you think about it, no matter what the results are, we deserve some compassion.  If you aren’t paying taxes, it probably means you didn’t have much income (no one gets away without paying taxes these days).  And, if you owe a lot of taxes, having someone like me tell you it’s because you made a lot of money, still doesn’t feel good.  It hurts to write that check and send it into the great unknown.

So, today I send out compassion to all of us who survived another tax day. More importantly, I send out tons of compassion for my family who watched a semblance of their mother and wife “live” with them from January through April 15th.  But most of all, I’m showering myself with compassion for giving up a quarter of my life, every year for 34 years.  If I let myself, I could throw a ton of guilt and shame on myself for those lost moments, but what good would that do?

So join me today in a compassion shower – certainly there is some place you deserve to be left off the hook?

Myrtle Beach here I come!  Evan – see the ball, be the ball – you can do it!

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