It just struck me as I prepare to fly to visit my mother in Wisconsin, that six months ago I posted my first blog from her home while I was spending six days caring for her.  Six months sure goes fast.  So now I’m on my way again having decided in early November that it was time for another visit.  At 91 I never know when it’s the last visit or the last time she’ll recognize me.

But now that it’s time to go (and she’s doing great), I’m feeling overwhelmed with life.  I’m just recovering from the Thanksgiving break—too much work at the office, neglect at home and then Holiday angst on top of everything.  And, really should I be spending the money at this time of year?  Why did I decide to do this now?  What was I thinking?

Then I remember this Mary Engelbreit refrigerator magnet with its quirky message.  Twenty-two years ago I had these same feelings when I couldn’t decide if I should fly to Wisconsin to see Dad after he had a  minor heart attack.  My good friend Gail advised me, “Do whatever will feel good five years from now.”  I went for that visit and a week later he died.

This magnet I bought so many years ago reminds me of Gail’s advice and what is truly important in my life.  There’s always more time for work, chores and things to do—but time with each other is not endless.  It’s an important message to remember—especially this time of year.

22 days ‘til Christmas—you better not pout!

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