It’s 5:35 on Tuesday evening and I’m trying to clear up my desk to leave for my Downeast Thanksgiving Holiday.  One of my last tasks is to talk with the IRS.  Fortunately, I have time to write this blog because after 49 minutes I’m still waiting to connect with them!

I’m still on the phone holding because after the first thirty minutes a real person answered, rattled off her name and ID number and regretfully informed me that her computer was down and she could not access any taxpayer information.  Luckily, I’m in a thankful kind of mood and what flashed through my mind was, “Boy, am I glad I’m not her!”

Not only can she not do her job, she still has to answer the phone to tell people she can’t help and would they mind calling again because not everyone has computer problems.  “In other words,” I said, “call back and hope I don’t get you?”  She laughed and said “I guess you’re right!”

So this Thanksgiving season, I’m thankful for the small pleasure of working on the other side of the IRS!  What small pleasure are you thankful for?

Family, turkey and pie – doesn’t get much better…

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