A lot of you know my passion for taking The Problem with Money’s message out to the world.  I want everyone to know It’s Not About the Money.  Just like most of the problems in our lives (money, weight, health, etc.), it’s not the surface issue that creates the problem, it’s our behaviors and the beliefs behind those behaviors that create and sustain the problems.

Anyway, in my quest to spread this message, I’ve been preparing for a video-promo shoot for getting out there as a speaker.  Every morning for over a month, I’ve practiced my presentation on my morning walks.  My poor dog, Random heard it so many times, I think she could have done it herself!

The day before I flew to California for the video shoot, I came down with a cold.  Now, I’m not saying whose fault it was, but a person very close to me who shall remain Wayneless, I mean nameless, had the same cold the week before.  So, Friday evening I arrived in California with the sniffles, worked with my trainer on Saturday and woke up Sunday, the day of the shoot,  with absolutely no voice—not even a squawk.  All I could do was whisper!  I suggested lip-synching or a ventriloquist—but they didn’t buy it—so it just didn’t happen.

But not to worry, all was not lost.  I learned a lot from the other 14 speakers and will try again in early March.  And most of all, I learned that all this money business is really much too serious.  I mean after all, if we can’t keep our sense of humor about money as well as all the twists and turns this life takes, what would our lives look like?  We really have to keep it all in perspective.  Don’t we?

I have not been silenced—at least, not for long.

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