RobbinstonWhile talking with my daughter-in-law about 5-year plans, the topic of my house in Freeport came up.  Wayne and I have only been there for 4 years but the house really feels like home—my home.  I lived in the same house in South Portland for 20+ years and raised my 3 sons there but it never felt like home to me.  Freeport, in the woods, close to nature instantly felt like home.

Anyway now that we’re empty nesters, we’re questioning why we have this large house.  We love it for family gatherings because we have 7 children and 7 grandchildren.  But evenings when we walk through the empty living room and dining room to get to the den, we wonder why we have it all?  Is it really necessary?

We have a tiny little house in remote Washington County and ask ourselves, could we live in something this small all the time?  I think yes, but there is something holding me back.  If I can afford the Freeport house, why can’t I have it—I love it!  But then I ask, is this really where I want to spend my money?  Would I rather do something else with the extra funds it takes to live in and maintain this home? 

Interesting thought—especially since I’m working on refinancing the mortgage for a lower rate.  Is it worth paying closing costs on a new loan if we’re going to sell?  And, is this really the right time to think of selling?  Do I want to do anything?

Hmmm—seems like I’ve been here before!

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