Last week in Washington DC, I presented a workshop, “Minding your Business During Tough Economic Times.”  As you might imagine my solution to minding your business is examining the money beliefs that bring us to where we are today.  In tough economic times it is more important than ever.  When times are good our problems are just annoying buzzes in the back of our minds.  But during times like this our problems feel like a swarm of mosquitoes attacking us.  We need to sort through the attacks to find out what is real. 

Speaking at this workshop reminded me of a recent e-mail from a woman responding to an article I had written.  Mariellen was down-sized out of her high-tech job and since then has spent time examining her beliefs.  She wrote, “Having this time off, I’ve come to that great understanding you speak about…  I lost sight of what feeds our soul.  I lost sight of what really matters (family, friends, love).  She continued, “I believe we were all mislead into believing that more was better and the more we bought the deeper in debt we got which put more importance on keeping that job and resting all our security and happiness there.  When that was taken away from us, our lives fell apart.  Our happiness was based on the job we had and the things we acquired.  Now, when those are taken away, we’re left with the realization that life is about so much more.”

So, when that swarm of money problems start attacking – remember Mariellen’s lesson:  “life is about so much more.” 

Summer makes it all easier – doesn’t it?

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