n576315579_7926136_7377570A text message at 10:55 last night announced the arrival of our 7the grandchild, Emily Lorraine.  Number 7.  Amazing.  These are my step-grandchildren and my own sons haven’t even started.  Seven.  I know my friend Lonise would say, “Seven.  God’s number.  Perfection.”  

If only this perfect child was born into a perfect world.  At this moment, it seems the world is more imperfect than ever. Wherever we turn, it seems an event, a thought or theory is prefaced with “in these economic times.”  It’s as if our world exists solely for economics and money.  We are told to face the reality that there may not be enough money for the “things” our world has created. 

Day after day, we are presented with depressing economic news and are told of yet another sign that tough times are still here, that “all things glorious” have ended, and that economic times have changed.  We listen to the gloom and doom of today’s media, read about major companies asking for bail-outs and we know this is for real.  All around us “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” and whether or not our own sky has crashed, we know that the financial world has shifted.  And, like it or not, our financial life and values are demanding that we shift too.

Can it be that we have been brought to this time and place to stop and re-evaluate who we are in relationship to money and finances?  Is it time for us to ask, “who am I without money, without possessions, without accumulation?” Can it be an opportunity for us to stop, reflect and change course? 

And, are the faces of Emily, Oscar, Lucy, Taylar, Zoe, Madison and Jalen perfect reminders of why?


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