I’ve been missing in action after dropping a bomb a month ago.  I came back briefly when I raised my periscope and then was gone again. You see we’re facing a money meltdown in our family business and our resources (and income) are literally drying up. And, as you know from my true confession facing the consequences isn’t much fun.
But the way I see it, when it comes to money problems, you basically have two options: spend less or get more.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve always preferred getting more. Spending less means you eventually hit a brick wall but getting more—now that’s where creativity comes in. Now I’m not talking about getting more by robbing banks or printing sawbucks. And, I don’t mean asking for gifts or loans either. I’m talking about getting more the old fashioned way—by earning it.
My solution has always been to find new ways to bring in more. I started my own accounting firm, investment advisory firm and was part of starting up a children’s art show and even a tick identification kit. There was always something new and creative to try. Did they always work? No. But it sure was fun trying.
My new money program calls that Ambitious and I’m afraid I have it big time. I always see a new opportunity on the horizon. Come to of it, Scarlett O’Hara had it too. We’re both ready to turn the other cheek and say, “Fiddledeedee. After all, tomorrow is another day.”
So that’s where I am. The stakes are higher than usual but it’s doing what I know best. I’ve been rewriting, refocusing and rebranding The Money Dynamic with Joe, my Nashville marketing partner, getting ready for a January 12th (re)launch. Along the way I’m being inspired by the talent at LBD Productions and grabbing on to their coattails for a ride to success.
Time will tell how it all works out but in the meantime it’s a hell of a ride! (While you’re waiting to see what happens, get ready for Season 2 of Joe’s award winning Johnny Dynamo series.)

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