Holidays are a great excuse to stop our “normal” world and do something different. Whether we join in the festivities or not, we can just unplug and do nothing (or at least nothing as compared to our everyday lives). If you were lucky and didn’t have to work on the 4th of July, I hope you were able to do something different, something out of the ordinary—even if that was just watching mindless TV without feeling guilty!


I spent the 4th in Eastport where this underpopulated area gathers for a huge celebration.  They even brought in the USS Anzio, a Navy Missile Launcher to share in the fun. The sailors took a break and competed in the blueberry pie eating contest and the annual codfish relay race before marching in the big parade.  Talk about doing something different!


And, those same sailors helped the community the next day when Hurricane Arthur hit and wreaked havoc on Washington County.  Downed trees and power lines meant we got another holiday from “normal” life. One more day of laid back leisure connecting us in ways we don’t usually think about. It was definitely a community affair when the electricity came back on at the Wickachee Diner!  The gas grills gave us bacon and eggs but life didn’t really begin until there was coffee. The spontaneous group cheer confirmed that!


Holidays are a time to forget the electronic world along with all its influential money messages that encourage the unconscious behaviors we operate under every other day of the year. It’s a time to get back to simpler times that remind us of who we are and what’s important to us.


Hope you had a good one!


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