Okay, in spite of pledging to be a regular blogger again, I missed a week because I really didn’t want to weigh in on our government’s budgetary crisis. I hoped it would go away quickly so I could write about anything else. But, that doesn’t seem to be the case. This long game of “don’t blink” doesn’t seem to be going away.
It’s just like the old childhood game of blink where the one who blinks first loses. Remember how we’d strain our eyes trying not to look up, down or sideways? Our eyes would water, we’d get a headache but we wouldn’t give up. And, in the meantime, anything else going on in the world was meaningless–we just didn’t see it. The house could have burned down around us and we wouldn’t have noticed. Tunnel vision was in command.

And, that’s exactly what’s in command now–tunnel vision. Unfortunately, tunnel vision is what’s often at play when it comes to money behaviors and we all have our own brand of tunnel vision when it comes to the right and wrong of money. Unfortunately, this tunnel vision keeps us with no means to look up, down or sideways making it impossible to find a solution. Our eyes water, our head aches but we just keep doing things the same old way. We don’t want to blink and lose. So we stay closed off from outside influence thereby preventing us from even considering another way of looking at things.
I can only hope that whoever blinks first in D.C. notices their instant relief and the freedom to find new opportunities. Because that’s the ultimate prize in a game of blink. Freedom to do something different.
Try it–blinking feels good!

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