I wondered why I hadn’t gotten any replies to this  blog; today I found the reason why. I had a senior moment and forgot to post it. Well, for what it’s worth – and two weeks later here it is.
For the first time in over 3 years, I missed two months of blogging. Something happened to my usual nagging mind and it was quiet for awhile. I didn’t hear that constant reminder, “your blog is due, it’s been over a week, two weeks, a month – yikes!” But, truth be told, after that one month mark, it started whispering again but I’d gotten pretty good at ignoring it until this morning.

An article in Sunday’s paper snagged my interest and my voice. It told me I’d been going through something similar to Congress and that looming “fiscal cliff” – or whatever they’re not calling it this time. And, I think we all have been doing the same thing. We heard so much about it for so long that we were just happy for some peace and quiet. And, if it were up to us, we’d just keep ignoring it.
But now that two month extension is almost gone – only 12 days until time’s up! This time the deadline’s not all about taxes – this time it’s about automatic spending cuts on March 1, 2013 unless someone takes action. This time it’s not a  “fiscal cliff” it’s a “sequestration”. Really,  who the hell knows what that is, don’t they want us to get excited about this? What’s that all about – usually we can’t get away from all the hype.
I mean, this deadline is just as important as the last, but, somehow, we’re not involved. No anxiety producing name, no big stories of how our lives are over. There just doesn’t seem to be much interest in this “fiscal cliff”.  Any ideas why? I wish I had the answer but I don’t (maybe I’ve been away too long). But, I’d be interested in what  you think?
Help me wake up and smell the roses – I’m missing something….

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