If it was not about the money? Think about it. It’s always hard to divorce money from politics and in this economy, it’s even harder. Every campaign speech we hear and every ad we watch has a money message in it; some loud and clear, others more subtle. Just step back a little and see where the dollars come in. And, more importantly, what is the belief driving the message. 
Today is a perfect day to examine your political beliefs and discover what unexamined money beliefs are lurking underneath them. Take time to ask yourself, “where did that come from and is it still relevant today?” For me, I can easily see that my starting political beliefs were from my father,and that instead of following his lead, I chose to go the other way. The important question is why? Was it a knee jerk reaction to anything anti-establishment (after all, I did come of age in the 70’s)? And, if that was why, did I really believe in those 70’s values or did I once again unconsciously latch on to someone else’s beliefs.
Before Tuesday’s election, think about it. What are the unexamined beliefs behind your decision. And, more importantly, ask yourself,  “do they reflect my personal values and beliefs? Do they still have relevance today?” Step back from any automatic response and listen with new ears and an open mind saying, “hmmm, that’s interesting. I wonder what that’s all about?” Be open to new revelations, new alternatives, new viewpoints—or, maybe—new commitments to old beliefs. Either way, on Tuesday you can be confident that you are making the right choice based on examined beliefs and values.
Being conscious and aware in the voting booth; always a good thing!  And, above all else, VOTE!

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