My sister Lynn died this week after a month of steady decline initiated by a virulent infection. Being the sister physically closest to her, I was fortunate to spend most of the final days at her side giving both of us time to iron out the rough spots in our life together.
Lynn was number two of the five “Honeck Girls”. Scattered across the country, we weren’t often part of her life or aware of  the experiences she shared with her partner’s family. But it was clear from those pouring into her room that she had touched many lives. For me, it highlighted that relationships are the real thing in life and underscored my favorite saying, “it’s not about the money”.
But then I thought how lucky we are that it’s not about the money. My two Wisconsin sisters flew in to spend time and my oldest sister from North Carolina was also there at the end. And, although it was easy for me to drive to Massachusetts, how lucky that I could take time off. It was easy for all of us to put money concerns behind and Lynn first. Easy for us to know it’s not about the money; being together was most important,
And yet, how sad for others who don’t have this luxury, who aren’t lucky enough to have money to hop on a flight or fill up the gas tank or forgo being paid for awhile. I can only imagine the angst of knowing “it’s all about the money” when they can’t come to their loved one’s side.
So today, among other things, I’m pondering this: it’s not about the money, only after we have found balance in our money. Because if we don’t have that balance and foundation, it becomes all about the money and life’s important moments are lost.
Goodbye Lynn. I love you.

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