Have you ever found yourself stuck? Really stuck? Like when you just can’t find the energy or inspiration to get yourself going (even after 3 weeks)? When the only way to find a spark is to connect those jumper cables and drain the energy from somewhere else to get going again?

That’s what I’m doing by connecting with you all today; hoping that I can find the spark for today’s blog. I’m befuddled because I don’t know if I’m drained and depleted from an extended time away or just over energized, overflowing and over inspired from a 10 day stint on Cape Cod. While the weather may have been damp and gloomy, my days last week were anything but. I finished an extensive 9 month program and became a GISC Certified Coach (yeah, me). I deepened my professional connections with the Gestalt International Study Center and shared ideas and visions with an impressive group of professionals whose mission is Transforming the way you live and work in the world.

So, am I the dead battery or the battery charger? In keeping with my half-full philosophy, I’m choosing the charger. I’m going to believe that I’ll light the spark by connecting with you. After all, I do write this blog to connect my crazy way of thinking with the world and you’re my conduit for doing so.

So here’s what I want to pass on to you:

1)     Never underestimate the power of passionate people.

2)     We all have the insight and knowledge to solve our problems—sometimes we get stuck finding it.

3)     Having someone at your side, like a coach (shameless promotion), enhances the journey and doubles your power.

4)     We all make a difference in this world; make yours a positive one.

Still a bit of mumbo-jumbo but it’s the best I can come up with today. More time and space will help me sort through this abundant experience. And, like #3 above, having you by my side gives me all that I need.

Who can you connect with today to light your fire?

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