This picture says it all. Hunter Joseph, our 8th grandchild, arrived April 4th with great gusto. Nothing held back, he greets the world full of passion with energy engaging every ounce of his tiny being. I imagine him fully conscious of everything—from the hands of the doctor holding him to the air lightly touching his body—everything is new and exciting. What if we greeted each day in the same way? What would our life and our world look like?

What if we experienced the light of dawn each morning and felt the cool air on our bodies as we rolled out of bed as if it were the first time. What if we used this heightened awareness and energy to craft a whole new day, any way we wanted it. Instead of being mired in problems and stuck with obstacles, we’d be poised for each new experience that life hands us. Sure, some we might greet like a lion, but at least we’d be facing them instead of hiding from problems or staying stuck in patterns that no longer work.

Life would change for sure. When we face each day with energy and passion we can move forward to build the life we want rather than settle for the life we have. Building is always better than settling into an unconscious way of doing life.  Whether it’s unconscious spending, eating or politics as usual, the only way for change is to enter life like a lion. Because if we don’t, the end won’t be going out like lambs but more like sheep going to slaughter.

Remember that energy, creativity and curiosity you felt as a child and use it to your advantage every day. And, make it your duty to keep it growing in every child you meet.

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