It’s Money Smart Week, a collaboration of the American Library Association and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.  Across the country, free programs have been designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances. And, if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, I’m sure you can guess my take on the quickest way to become money smart.

That’s right—forget about the what, focus on the why.  I’m not saying it isn’t important to learn the mechanics of money management, we all need those tips and tools for knowing what to do with our money. But, without knowing if these tips and tools are supported (or rejected) by our beliefs, all the knowledge in the world won’t help us sustain new money behaviors.  Only the why can do that. Once we are aware of the beliefs behind our old behaviors we can build new behaviors that really stick.

Building awareness begins by opening our senses to what’s really going on. When we make a purchase, put (or take) money in savings or even just think about our finances what do we feel, hear, see deep inside—what is our total sensual experience. This awareness gives us the clue to the money beliefs driving our financial lives. Once those beliefs become our friend (notice no judgment allowed) we can move on that new money management tip. Because without the why,  we’ll only be forcing a next move saddled with unconscious reservations.

Real money smart motivation is born with motivation deep in your core, the kind that sticks with you through thick or thin. So, join the rest of the county and raise your awareness from the tip of your toes to the tip of your nose. Trust me; it will be a smart move.

Listen to my shtick at the Public Library in Falmouth, Maine: Thursday, April 25 from 6-8 pm.

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