About six years ago we moved and gave up our city sewer system for raw, country living complete with our own leech field and septic tank. People told us you should pump that septic tank every 3 or 4 years. But, you know how I feel about should (and I guess my husband does too) so I marked it down as one of those things for other people.

So when the toilets started gurgling and making funny noises we decided it was probably time to check into this. Luckily, it wasn’t going to be a big deal: $175 for pumping and an extra $25 if he had to dig.

It looked like ignoring that should wasn’t going to be a big deal. But, we were wrong. Adopting a blanket approach to that annoying word, along with thinking we should check out that red alarm button on the garage wall (instead of actually doing it) taught us a good lesson.

Instead of 500 gallons and $175, we pumped 1500 gallons and $750. And, it could have been worse. If that red alarm button had been on, it would have alerted us to the malfunction of the pump between the septic tank and leech field. Luckily the gurgling toilets released us from our mass dumping of the shoulds.

So, I’m changing my tune about should. Maybe we need to pay a litle bit of attention and make sure this should isn’t an alarm for something bigger to come. Maybe I should save a little or spend a little less can be seen as a nudge to see if a course direction is in order. As long as the should is for us and not from others, it could be just the thing to keep us out of a shouldy mess.

Is there something trying to get your attention?

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