Managing our money all comes down to choice. Do I buy this or that, use cash or credit, spend or save? Everyday we make countless choice about what to do with our money. Sometimes it can feel like financially we have no choices, but really it’s all up to us and those daily choices determine what our money life becomes. Unfortunately (as you’ve heard me say before) we don’t always make good choices because our beliefs and attitudes get in the way.
Lately I’ve been pondering how my attitude changes when I think could instead of should. If I think I should save or I should cook tonight (instead of going out), I quickly pile on the blame and shame for not doing something right. I become the little child being told I should go to bed or I should clean my plate. It replaces my choices with demands and I become the rebellious child, stomping my foot and not dong what’s in my best interests.
But if just swap a C for the SH, it changes everything. Suddenly I have a choice. I could save if I want to plan for that big vacation or I could spend it right now on a short-term pleasure. I’m empowered to stop and think – giving myself time to make the decision that supports me. My attitude shifts from rebellion against unwanted advice to cooperation with me and my goals.
I’m brought right back to choice, my choice. Not the choices of my parents or my friends or my banker or financial gurus. But to my choice. I choose to make the decisions in my life instead of those eternal, internal messages telling me what I should do. Instead of unconsciously rebelling – I consciously choose.

What a good thing!  Not only for today – but more importantly – for tomorrow!


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