For 23 years I’ve been sitting in the same office.  For 28 years I’ve owned my own accounting firm and for almost 35 years I’ve been preparing tax returns.  But, today I’m packing up my office and starting a new career!

Now it may seem strange to be doing this as I approach my 60th birthday – but I can tell you I am excited!  It feels like everything up to this day has been preparation for this new adventure.  My new money coaching based on The Problem With Money? is what I’ve always wanted to do.

As I cleaned out my office, I found a book, Maine’s Achieving Women that was published some 20 years agoI remember being interviewed and then two years later being re-interviewed to bring it up to date before it was finally published.  What I always remembered about that book was how quickly life had changed in those two years.  It was really quite amazing.

But now as I read the book, the opposite seemed true.  In the article about me, I said I loved the part of my job where I met with my clients and helped them work on their money issues (as opposed to doing tax returns).  I went on to say, my dream job would be doing only that – every day.

Kind of sobering to think it took me almost 20 years to get there.  But, on the other hand, better now than never!  It may have taken me awhile, but eventually I did get here.

So, I ask you, what is your dream job?  And, more importantly, what are you doing to make sure you get there?  Believe me, it’s worth all the effort to get to where I am – even if it takes 20 years.

All it takes is the next step…

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