When I grew up, asking for help was not encouraged. Maybe it was just me, but I learned that asking for help was a sign of weakness. Although I can’t specifically remember hearing this, I know for most of my life, those voices in my head were saying, “you should be able to do it yourself” or “you got into this yourself; get out of it yourself” or something to that effect. But as I grow older, I’ve come to realize that sometimes not asking doesn’t only hurt me, but also may hurt the person I would have asked because it robs them of an opportunity they might have needed, wanted or enjoyed.

So, with reluctance, I ask for your help. I’m transitioning to a new messaging system for my blog. Currently, I send a separate e-mail alerting you that there is a new blog post. My new system will automatically alert you to a blog post only if you have subscribed. And to subscribe, you will need to click on the link above, fill out your e-mail information  and then respond to a confirmation e-mail that you will receive (to be sure I’m not just adding e-mail’s without permission).

I know about 200 of you read my blog every week, yet only 40 have “formally” subscribed.  So, I encourage you, if you like reading my blog, please take the time to subscribe now – you’re on this page anyway! I’ll continue to keep sending the old e-mail for another couple of weeks, but after that, you won’t receive any notices and you’ll miss all my exciting words of wisdom. So, please help make this transition easy; subscribe today.

“No, but thank you,” (to the voice in my head) “I couldn’t do this by myself”.

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