What a glorious month of May (and all of spring for that matter). Here in Maine we’ve had unprecedented sunshine with days that emulated some of the best days of summers past. We were simply amazed when temperatures climbed to the 80’s and then stunned when 90’s brought out our summer wardrobes weeks earlier than usual. Unbelievably the best spring I can remember in a long time.

And yet, most of the comments I heard have been filled with worries. What does this warm weather mean? Will we have one of those horrible months of June like we’ve had in the past? Will the real summer disappear and not show up until mid July like last year? And, of course, is this what we have all been warned about?

It kind of reminds me of the worries that crop up when we receive a monetary windfall whether it’s a bill that’s smaller than expected, an unexpected gift of cash or, for those of us self-employed, a new client or source of revenue. We’re so ready for the other shoe to drop. It must have been a mistake. Or, this isn’t really enough to do anything with. And, this good luck is too good to be true and won’t really last!

Rather than being grateful in the moment for simple pleasures, we charge ahead (or lurk behind) to expectations of things falling apart. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could be fully present to the gift of sunshine, warmth and/or financial freedom—even if it is only for a day or an hour or even just a minute?

Because after all, as Scarlett O’Hara said so well, “tomorrow is another day!” Worry can wait for a while; let’s bask in the glory of today.

Thanks and honor to all present and past day heroes. Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

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