Indulge Your Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget.  That’s the title a blog talk radio show gave my time with them tomorrow.  It made me stop to think for a minute about what I would do with that unlikely title.  It didn’t seem to be exactly what I was all about.  But then I gave it some more thought.

Champagne taste on a beer budget is about the classic struggle to have what we can’t afford.  But it goes much, much deeper.  Because first we have to take time to really understand, do we really need it?  Or, do we just want it?  Sometimes it’s a fine line between want and need.  And, sometimes, we may not need it – but who cares, we still want it.

The real conundrum is in figuring out whose idea of want or need it is to begin with.  Was the want or need planted with slick marketing?  As in, “be part of the 4G network.”  Or, did we pick it up with scare tactics – “don’t leave home without it”?  Did we get it because it was something our parents always wanted or needed?  Or, was it our friends who planted the seed.  Before we can make any real changes to that champagne taste or beer budget, we need to be clear:  whose taste and/or budget is it anyway?

So, tune in tomorrow at 11:00 EST to The Sherry and Erin Show from LA and Las Vegas with any questions you have or two cents you want to add.  Should be an interesting conversation.  You’ll find us at  Or, if you can’t make that time, you’ll be able to log in at any time and find out what it was all about.

One month left till freedom……..

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