With the Olympics capturing all of our attention this past week, I just had to write an Olympic blog.  But what a dilemma – how to connect money to it.  And, then as I watched the bobsled races, I thought I should be able to come up with some correlation between the events and money.

Let’s see.  Snowcross feels like, “going for broke.”  All caution is thrown to the wind, just like being passionate about something when “money is no object”.  Bobsled reminds me of the “slippery slope to financial ruin”.  One bad move can set off a chain of events that can be totally out of our control.

Of course, we can’t forget Curling; kind of like watching paint dry.  But, eventually there are winning results.  Just like “a penny saved is a penny earned.”  Before we know it those pennies have accumulated until we have enough to do something with.

And, I just finished watching the strangest event of all – women’s short track relay – what a mess on ice!  No smooth handoff of the baton, instead a swift push on the behind to get the next skater going.  Reminded me of a messed up budget where we shove one expense aside to make room for another until we have no idea if we’re coming or going.  Looked like “good money after bad” to me!

Downhill: a run for your money.  Half pipe: a fool and his money. Ski Aerial: mad money.  Okay, maybe I’m stretching it.  Anyone out there have any better ideas?

Go for the gold… Show me the money…I could go on and on.

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